Amanwella combines the words `aman’ – peace in Sansksrit – and `wella’, meaning beach in Sinhala, which aptly describes the true essence of this magnificent setting – a peaceful beach escape. Set amidst a coconut grove that slopes down to the turquoise seas, this is a picturesque setting. Designed with courtyards, waterways and sun terraces, architect Kerry Hill combines contemporary style with local materials such as timber, stone, terrazzo and terracotta. The entrance pavilion and the public spaces are at one end of the property while the 30 exquisite suites are at the other, built into the hillside providing much privacy. A 45-metre infinity swimming pool and many reflecting pools scattered around the property add to the calm and serene ambience of the hotel. Amanwella fronts an 800m secluded, crescent shaped beach that is ideal for swimming and snorkelling during the season from December to April. Amanwella is the sister property to Amangalla in the Galle Fort and is owned by the exclusive Aman Group, and is recognised as one of Sri Lanka’s leading beach properties.


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SOS Children’s Village Initiative

Established in 1949, the SOS Children Village Foundation stands as the world’s largest non-profit organization committed to nurturing orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children. Their multifaceted approach, spanning family support, medical care, education, and emergency assistance, positively impacts the lives of countless children and families. 

Our commitment: 

Ceylon Roots is devoted to bolstering this cause by sponsoring the education and well-being of 10 children each month. Our aspiration is to progressively increase the number of sponsored children while also offering valuable exposure to those youngsters aspiring to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. 

Buddhist Roots

Embracing our rich cultural heritage and the profound influence of Buddhism on Sri Lanka’s cultural fabric, Ceylon Roots proudly presents the ‘Buddhist Roots’ project.  

The island’s connection to the teachings of The Buddha has shaped it’s identity and inspired the creation of temples and statues that embody our faith. However, the passage of time has left some of these rural temples in neglected states, depriving them of the rightful care they merit. 

Our commitment: 

With unwavering dedication, we have undertaken a vital commitment to revive and sustain temples island-wide. Through providing essential support for upkeep, nourishment, and sustainable living conditions, the aim of the Buddhist Roots project is to help ensure the lasting prosperity of these sacred sites. 

By joining hands with us, you are not only contributing to their well-being, but also getting the chance to explore these sites and personally experience the rich authenticity of Sri Lankan Buddhism.  

Brown Roots

In a dynamic effort to combat deforestation and bolster environmental conservation, we proudly present to you, the ‘Brown Roots’ Project, launched on World Environment Day, June 5th, 2017, undertaken in collaboration with Browns Tours. Working closely with relevant authorities and organizations, including Sri Lanka Forest Reserves, we stand united in preserving and enriching the beauty of our island home for generations to come. 

Our commitment: 

As part of our unwavering dedication, we have pledged to plant a tree for every traveler who embarks on a journey with us, and since its inception, the ‘Brown Roots’ project has already seen the planting of over 3000 trees in the central province of Sri Lanka by the end of 2018. 

Our resolve remains resolute, and with your invaluable support, we endeavour to further elevate this number in the years ahead. Join us in nurturing the very roots of nature’s grandeur.